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Behind every great brand is a great leader, and we are no different. Our founder, Tanya Feifel-Rhodes, isn't just shaking up the beauty industry with her RoboPalettes packed with delectable formulas. There's much more to the mind behind the magic than pioneering innovation. Tanya's a passionate, caring, empath devout to her principles, but none more so than absolute, unequivocal inclusivity of all life - all races, all species, all genders. 


It's not that we're thinking people are out there applying our products to their pets. The "application" of our products is not what we mean by "unequivocal inclusivity." Rather, we're referring to something much broader than just sales channels and product lineups. It's about employing practices reflective of a world conducive to the best interests of humanity, not just reflective of the time in which we live. It's our belief, and therefore our practice, that all life should be cherished; that all life matters; and that everyone should have a voice, should feel like they can speak, and should be given their chance to be heard. Everyone should feel safe to be themselves and to live their lives unhindered from oppression. All life should feel loved, respected, and secure in their person.


To cultivate this ideology, Tanya insists on complete inclusivity of all skin types and tones in all of her brand's releases. You will not find a brand more devoted to making sure its line of beauty products has something for everyone. Furthermore, consumer feedback is absolutely paramount to our business model. Did we somehow miss something? Can what we did be improved upon? Tell us, and we will do everything within our power to address your concerns and suggestions. Again, we put YOU in our name, that's how much you mean to us. It's not some gimmicky epigram. 


Tanya's devotion to this cause doesn't end with her brand. Rather, this immutable desire is the very foundation on which her Passion Projects are built. TFR Beyouty will launch with three (there will be more as we grow) of these projects in place. These will be (1) helping and supporting those living with or transitioning from situations of domestic violence; (2) providing aid to organizations that rescue, protect, and rehabilitate animals of all species; and (3) being an outspoken advocate for the rights, freedoms, and equality of the LGBTQ+ community.


As a young company, to be effectively impactful with our resources, these projects are currently local to our company headquarters here in central Michigan. However, this is just the beginning of what we hope will one day be international in scope, a global movement impacting the world in ways that create real change in the lives of real people and real animals from all walks of life. This is just one of the three prongs of our Responsibly Beautiful Pledge to you.