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All our products are made right here in the United States of America, and to be clear, when we say "made," we're proud to say we don't just mean assembled. Rather, we mean the entire process, from the very birth of the idea itself to the copious amount of meticulous research that follows; the entire design stage from blueprint to prototype, including every "rinse and repeat;" our extensive, rigorous field testing and quality control processes, both before and after final manufacturing; and all aspects of the manufacturing itself, everything, it all takes place right here in the




That being said, our vendors have vendors too, and it's possible, if not likely, that not all of those vendors are sourcing their products from within the USA. This means that some parts and pieces that might make up some of our components; things we don't even think about like the ink used for printing our packaging, shipping labels, stickers, etc; and of course, the even further detached commodities like the gasoline used by the various methods of transport used to move our product from place to place could very well have been imported from other countries.


However, due to the controversial nature of the Chinese marketplace, the threat of both physical and financial harm that its counterfeit products place on the global stage, and the damage a lax policing of raw material cultivation can and has had on consumers all over the world, we have decided to ease everyone's minds entirely on the subject. Instead of taking what really boils down to an unnecessary risk, we have instructed our makeup vendors, chemists, and formula magicians to ensure that no ingredient found in any of our formulas is sourced from China.  We would never gamble with our faces, so we're not going to gamble with yours either.


It's 2020 now, and irrespective of trade wars, there's no denying we are amidst a burgeoning global economy on a planet that technology makes feel smaller and smaller with each passing year. We fully recognize the USA is not the only country on the planet, nor would we want it to be. The world is such a beautiful place full of seemingly endless variety and choice, there's never been a better time to be alive! We wouldn't want to change any of that. Our reason for proudly displaying the fact our products are made in the USA is not to besmirch the rest of the world in some way. Rather, we do it because we're thrilled to be able to give back to the country that has given so much to us. By keeping our operations and vendors within the United States as much as possible, we are able to support the people we brush shoulders with every day; the friends, family, and acquaintances we share our lives with; the people we're fortunate enough to call our neighbors, our fellow Americans.