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I know, I know, we've all said it, "OMG this literally gives me life!" but did it really? Literally? Regardless of whichever dazzling pigment, color, glow, or formula you were referring to at the time, or its reality-blurring effect on your senses, I think we can all agree that our use of the word "literally," didn't actually make it so. Our planet, on the other hand, LITERALLY plays a role in giving us life, and by "role," I mean it's the very foundation of our ability to exist, without it, none of us would be here. For that reason, we have made our planet-conscious mentality one of the three prongs of our Responsibly Beautiful Pledge to you.


For starters, we have placed sustainability as the cornerstone of our research and development program, and we don't just mean our use of the natural resources our bountiful planet so selflessly provides us, but also the efficiency in design and quality of build of the product itself. Every new product is scrupulously designed to function without issue for many years to come. Any parts that unavoidably wear out over time, for instance batteries, are designed to be effortlessly replaced by you, as an individual part, with minimal exposure to downtime. We were determined early on in the design phase to not only make things as easy on you as possible, but also mitigate our ecological footprint in every financially conceivable way. We didn't want something like a bad battery to force you into deciding between staying tethered to a wall or discarding the entire component into a landfill, perfectly good parts included, only then to buy a whole new one, and all to replace a battery that we all knew was guaranteed to wear down over time. Instead, you can purchase just the battery, easily replace it yourself, and together we can reduce the cancerous spread of stockpiles of unnecessary waste burdening our planet. Not to mention, you can save yourself some pretty decent coin in the process. Replacing just the battery, just the glass, or whichever the part is that seems to be the problem is a great deal cheaper than replacing the whole item.


When you buy from us, that purchase signifies the beginning of a relationship, one we're proud of, one we take very seriously, and one we strive to deliver on, and not just in every interaction we have with you, but in every interaction you have with one of our products. In relationships, whether with friends, family, or between companies, almost without exception, your relationship with us included, is not just comprised of two parties. Our interactions, the decisions we make in our relationships, our exchanges, whether personal or professional, all have an effect on those around us, and that's because the one thing we all have in common is the planet, so any decision we make involving you, involves her too.


Take our palette’s grid system for instance. Like our modules, this was partly inspired by mother earth too. Sure, we were tired of shattered pans spreading across entire palettes, but we were also concerned with replacing those pans when our customers made us aware of an incident in the shipping process. Coupling our grid system with our pan module, we can successfully quarantine the shattered pan, enable you to easily eject the module, remove the culprit, and give you easy access to clear the debris and get everything back to pristine condition while you await your replacement pan. Then, when we ship you just the one replacement pan (or however many), carefully packaged but minimally so, you don’t only save yourself the hassle of having to return your whole palette/product to us, but you can also eliminate the carbon emissions fueling their return trip. Is it a perfect system? No, but it’s a system that is continuously evolving to ensure that we are minimizing the scars we leave on our planet.

At TFR Beyouty, everything is intentional, everything is by design, and if there is something we can improve on, you can be sure we're either in the process of doing so; it's on a list of priorities and we just haven't arrived at that one yet for any number of reasons; or, as it is entirely possible, we haven't yet thought of it. We are in this business for you, to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, to do for you what our competition hasn't, to come through for you where they have failed and, as nobody knows you better than you, if you need something from us, please don't hesitate to tell us exactly what it is. We will not only do our best to deliver, but we'll actually reply to you, like an actual human will address your concern. I know, throwback concept, right? So, human to human, as your fellow planet dweller, just as we appreciate this beautiful planet, we, too, appreciate you, and we'll never forget that you are why we get to do what we love. Thank you for joining the movement.