It's undeniable that there is a direct correlation between the experience a brand delivers to its customers and its reputation and success in the market place, and while that's not why we do it, it's that experience, your experience, that we have placed at the very core of our brand. Rather, we do it because we get it, because we know the feeling, because we're a company comprised of people just like you - beauty lovers looking to be captivated by the latest irresistible creation; to have our senses wowed; our lives changed; and to pamper ourselves in the latest in buttery, oh-so-creamy, luxurious, satiny magic! Like you, we want the experience, not just the result. Life's a journey, not a destination. That's why there's UBER Black, Maybach, private jets, and megayachts, and that's why there's TFR Beyouty - to bask in the process.


As a consumer herself, beauty connoisseur, CEO, founder, and eponym to the brand, Tanya Feifel-Rhodes created TFR Beyouty to deliver cutting edge, consumer-experience enhancing innovation to the beauty industry through an amalgamation of boundaryless imagination and a fearless, avant-garde approach to chemistry and technology. Designed from the ground up to be an experience of unparalleled luxury; a waltz of functionality, efficiency, and indulgence; a cornucopia of ingenuity, sophistication, and excellence; a brand created for YOU, the lover of all things beauty.


That is why we spell beauty, "Be-you-ty," because we put you right where you belong, at the center of who we are, who we hold ourselves out to be, the very name we go by. It's what fuels our brand, why we get up in the morning, and why we drive our vendors crazy with white-glove perfectionism. Everything we do is with YOU in mind and is strategically engineered to deliver the absolute best experience money can buy in the most responsible and affordable way possible.


Whether makeup and beauty is an escape for you, a leg up to self confidence, or a cloak of invincibility or invisibility, we want to deliver it to you in a way that only enhances the feeling you're chasing, one that delivers oohs and aahs, and one that gets you saying, "Wow! That's incredible!" or "It's about time!" and "That's so much better! How come no one else thought of that?!"


So, when is this "Diamond Experience" getting here exactly? While a diamond takes between 1 and 3 billion years to form, we promise you we won't take that long! Regardless, please be patient with us, we are working diligently to ensure that all our i's have dots and our t's are crossed so absolutely nothing can even faintly debase your experience. We honestly could not be more eager to meet all of you as soon as possible, we just want to make sure it's with delectable, invigorating, auspicious fanfare, and that type of introduction takes time.


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